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Known as Super High Schooler Level Cutie Pie. Currently in the Scouting Legion slicing titans and married to Rivaille. School ruins my life. Shishio'sensei and I are having an affair.

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Status: Hiatus

I can't live without this maniac.
The Kageyama to my Shoyo

Currently obsessed with Free! Eternal Summer & Sailor Moon Crystal & Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus & Hirunaka no Ryuusei | SUMMER HELLA!!! || ||

Oops! Sorry! Totally forgot to warn that I’m in hiatus. Currently spending my holidays very far away from home so I have no internet (i’m paying 2€ for only 30 minutes? wow thieves). I’M LOSING ALL THE FREE! AND CRYSTAL AND KUROSHITSUJI *literally crying*
I’ll be back on the second week of August! So see ya later ~


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